Authenticate and Build Trust with your shoppers

“In ecommerce, everything hinges on trust”- Jeremy Smith

Verify to your shoppers the legitimacy of your store of our fuss free application, one click install application. From Ecommerce store owners, for Ecommerce store owners.

Concerns with online security is an ongoing issue, regardless of how big or small your online store is. And with over 58% of abandoned carts left due to security concerns, it’s vital to establish trust with your shoppers, from the very minute, they see your store.

Install Now

How do I install TrustBadges?

Simply enter your store’s details in the sign up bar above and you will be brought to your Shopify Dashboard. Once installed, you are good to go!

Note: Only store owners can install apps on the Store.

How many badges should I use? Is there a limit?

We usually recommend stores to have between 3-5 badges to show the different accepted payment methods. There are no limits to the how many badges you can use.

Do you have any support for this?

Yes we do, chat with our support team anytime by clicking on the chat button located on the bottom right of the dashboard!

How do I know the app is working?

After editing your Trust badges, we suggest that you clear your cache before viewing your store. The badges should be visible on all of your product’s pages

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