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One of our greatest passions here at Kamozi, we develop, design and deploy softwares and applications optimised for Facebook users, across all boundaries.

Are you using Facebook Ads?

  • Nearly 2.2 billion people log into Facebook each month and over 1 billion log in everyday from their mobile devices. That’s nearly a seventh of the entire world’s population concentrated in one place, a digital marketers dream come true.

    With all that traffic, the probability of getting your FB Ad in front of the right person is much higher than standard off-platform marketing strategies. So much so, Facebook has surpassed all other mediums in becoming the preferred targeted platform for B2C business B2B companies, with 75% and 50% choosing the social media platform over other outlets, respectively.

    It’s safe to say that there is not a company around today that is not utilizing the platform and Facebook Ads to generate new leads.

  • Of all social media platforms, Facebook has the largest diversity range of age, location, and background among active users. This allows companies extend the reach of their marketing efforts towards new possibilities while stile targeting proven demographics, all from one place and within a single campaign.

Have you taken advantage of FB Messenger bots for marketing?

  • Chat bots are destined to become the most popular way for businesses to connect with potential clients and customers. A recent poll found that nearly half of all online shoppers were more willing to make a purchase through a chat bot than a web store (Ubisend 2018).

    And as the technology continues to improve those numbers are expected to continue rising.

  • Messenger chatbots have helped companies scale back on expenditures within customer service saving companies over $6 billion dollars just with the last year alone (2017 Juniper study).

Facebook planning

Since its creation, Facebook has easily become the single most recognizable social media platform for connecting with the world around us. Over the years, and with each new addition of it’s features, the platform has found itself layered within the very way people live on a daily basis. In some ways even changing the way we live…

Now that same effect has found its way towards the world of business as companies all over the world are leveraging the largest social media platform, and its 2 billion active users, to connect with a new generation of customers.

With Facebook Ads, your business can be seen by thousands of people each day and with Facebook’s key demographic targeting, you can be sure the right ones will see it every time.

First there was the almighty email, the go-to online communications platform for early businesses to reach out to customers and prospective leads…

Though as with every innovative movement, something comes along to improve it.

That new improvement is the Messenger chat bot.

Now businesses can connect with customers in a more personal setting, creating new opportunities to engage and reach customers like never before.

And with each new update to the tech, the possibilities continue to grow.

Messenger planning
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Messenger Marketing

Build your online presence and increase brand awareness by leveraging the newest facet of digital marketing and the nearly two billion prospective leads it brings along with it.


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